Advantage ID


Advantage ID is the simplest and easiest way to turn your existing advantage feeders into an ID ready feed system, so that you can get the best value out of your grain, some of its features are.

  1. Small but robust motor.

  2. Very quiet

  3. Completely maintenance free no belts to tighten or bearings to grease.

  4. Fully powder coated

  5. High quality relay interface.

  6. Allows you to customize feeding to save you grain and increase production

  7. Can be installed between milking’s so that your production is not affected

  8. Can be installed in 2 stages, 1st as a blanket feeder with simple push button feeding with timer adjustment. 2nd connect to your preferred Computer ID system. This allows installation to proceed as finances allow and start reaping the benefits.


To find out more about how to simplify your feeding for a more productive farm. Contact your local Feed-O-Matic dealer.