Advantage Feeder


The Advantage Feeder is the original and cheapest way to feed your cows in the dairy its features are

  1. New Plug and Play control (can be fitted without the need of an electrician) with easy to adjust push button feeding and vermin proof sensor, so that it won’t overfill.

  2. Simple and reliable operation.

  3. Automatic filling with high quality sensors.

  4. Weatherproof control unit to keep water and dust from electrical components 

  5. Geared motor drive units for strength, durability and low maintenance.

  6. Accurate feed dispensing.

  7. No dead spots for feed to sit in hopper.

  8. Tongue proof adjustable feed drops.

  9. Feed to your required feeding plan or to the weather conditions.

  10. Saves time and labour.

  11. Easily extended during dairy alterations.

  12. Can be installed between milking's.

  13. Quiet and efficient operation.

  14. Large capacity 18Kg hoppers (no need for large fill                     augers).

  15. Vermin proof hoopers with easy access lids.

To find out more about how to simplify your feeding for a more productive farm. Contact your local Feed-O-Matic dealer.