Welcome to Feedomatic


The award winning Feedomatic Dairy feeding systems are a potent  combination of strong, easy to operate components that make your feeding a more simple and efficient  exercise. Depending on your dairy’s setup - herringbone or rotary - our systems can be built specifically  to match your operation. Our aim for each client is to maximise their productivity.

Feedomatic features:

  1. Simple, Quiet, Accurate operation.

  2. Push button dispensing.

  3. Feeding varied via easy volume adjustment.

  4. Eliminates wastage.

  5. Flexibility allows Feedomatic to be easily extended for dairy alterations or removed to fit a new dairy.

  6. Durable, automatic, flexible filling Auger.

  7. All our feed systems use Round Auger for strength and to prolong PVC life 

  8. Industrial gearbox’s eliminate belts and pulleys.

  9. Extensive experience.