Accu-Feed & Accu-Feed Pro


Feed-O-Matic have designed a Rotary Feed System that is simple, accurate and reliable to operate. It has been proven to reduce feed wastage, save time and labour, as well as increase herd health and profit.

  1. Silo mounted drive for safety, less noise and easy maintenance.

  2. Industrial geared drive for high performance, reliability and low maintenance.

  3. No dangerous installation or maintenance up high in the roof

  4. Simple operation and easy volume adjustment.

  5. Saves time and labour by its very reliable operation.

  6. Saves money by accurate feeding and reduced feed wastage.

  7. Auger more accurate and stronger due to pushing and not pulling.

  8. Multiple augers, sizes and speeds custom made to suit your feeding plan.

There are two control options for the Rotary Feed System, the Accu-Feed and Accu-Feed Pro.

  1. Features

  2. Accu-Feed:

  3. Manual miss and extra feed function.

  4. Accu-Feed Pro:

  5. Manual miss and extra feed function.

  6. Auto detection of empty bail for no feed.

  7. Auto no feed for cow round twice to prevent double feeding.

  8. Auto no feed for reverse platform.

  9. Ultrasonic sensors for very accurate cow and bail sensing.

  10. Alert warnings to inform empty bail and cow round twice.

  11. Both Accu-Feed and Accu-Feed Pro come with the option of being ready to connect to ID Feeding.

To find out more about how to simplify your feeding for a more productive farm. Contact your local Feed-O-Matic dealer.