Feed-O-Matic manufacture the smartest I.D. feed system for herringbone dairies on the market today.

  1.     The Uni-matic system has been designed specifically for your herd health and feed   management and with that saving you money and giving you that extra time through better  organisation and increased productivity.

  2.     The system is suited for all applications and is great for split herd feeding . The feed system is an Automatic feed system designed to adapt to Computer ID systems using a Stainless Steel or Galvanised robotic hopper on each side of the dairy.

  3.     Because only two motors are used per hopper, Uni-matic is inexpensive to install, no huge wiring looms are required and maintenance is minimised.

  4.    Because of its simple design it can be made to hold multiple feed type rations giving you more control over maximising your herd health and your profit.

The Uni-matic has been designed such that it can be installed in two stages:

  1. Stage 1: Operating as a standard blanket feed system which is able to manually individually feed your cows by having a miss and extra feed function, pause function and return home function if your last run of cows is not full to save double feeding next milking

  2. Stage 2: with full functions connecting to your choice of a Computer ID System. This allows installation to proceed as finances allow and start reaping the benefits

To find out more about how to simplify your feeding for a more productive farm. Contact your local Feed-O-Matic dealer.